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Ride for fun or train to compete!
 ◦ Friendly, relaxed and safe atmosphere; Coach O'Shea is certified, current, and insured.

 ◦ Glynis has coached and competed in the provinces of BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

 ◦ Glynis also spent 6 months coaching and training in England and 3 years coaching/training in Germany.

 ◦ Nanaimo Area lessons take place on Wednesday and Friday afternoon/evenings, and all day Tuesday and Saturdays.

 ◦ Children and adults welcome, beginner to intermediate riders.

 ◦ Lessons are given in flat and over fences.


Benefits of Riding:

Learning to ride and equine interaction has proven to enhance emotional growth and personal fitness. Also, riding provides an opportunity for learning responsibility, experiencing teamwork, building friendships, confidence, trust, maturity, and compassion. Moreover, those who wish to test themselves will have plenty of opportunities to compete at various horse shows on Vancouver Island and the greater Vancouver area. 


Testimonial: 'We are so lucky to have you and your barn for all the girls and my daughter. This is the best thing for my daughter in her life to experience the love of horses and riding. A huge character builder, physical activity, confidence, and social awareness. For all of this I thank you. You are amazing, and are making such a difference in so many lives. I appreciate all you do, with such grace, you make it fun, and are teaching great responsibility, respect, caring and love for animals'.


Lessons, Leases, and Training
Services and Fees:
  •  Lessons: Monday, Tuesday and Saturday - all day; Wednesday and Friday after school . For ages 7 and up.

One hour lesson, your horse $35 (group lesson) - private lesson $70/hr

One hour lesson, with school horse $50 (group lesson) - private lesson $80/hr

Structured lessons in a riding ring; trail riding is not available.


Lease - Option 1

Quarter Lease is $170.00 a month. This gives a coach supervised ride one day a week. Adults can ride up to 1 hour a week.

Lease - Option 2

Quarter Lease+ is $260.00 a month. Children can ride up to 2 hours a week during a coach supervised rides on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Adults can ride up to 2 hours a week.


Lease – Option 3
Half lease is $375 a month, ride up to 3 hours a week.

When you lease one of my horses, you must take a minimum of 2 lessons per month, $35 per group lesson. Parent Supervision is mandatory if your daughter/son is 18 years or younger and riding at Central Island Equestrian Center (when Coach is not at the barn).

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